Apply here to be Higher Ground Staff

Every summer over 60 people volunteer to be on staff at Higher Ground Summer Camp.


For some, they first came as campers and experienced the life-changing week and now want to help other campers to have the same transformational experience.

Others heard about our camp from friends who rave about the experience and want to share in the fun.

There are also those who have no previous connection to Higher Ground but have a love for summer camp, nature and serving others.

Although you only volunteer for one week it rocks your world and you become part of the Higher Ground family.

Here are our two main volunteer opportunities:

We have 26 counselors/assistant counselors. Their full-time job is to love, lead, encourage and play alongside their cabin with 10 youth.

Most of our other staff are our “activity staff”. Each person usually has the opportunity to help with or lead a variety of activities during the week.

Of course we also have people to help with worship team, medical, life-guarding, etc. On the application page you can choose all the roles you are interested in.

If you are a new applicant we will run a background check on you if you are 18 or older and require two recommendations from those who can vouch for your good character.

We hope you consider joining us at Higher Ground. It will change your life!

Apply here to be Higher Ground Staff


Q: Does it cost anything to volunteer at Higher Ground

A: No, and we even provide you with FREE t-shirts, lodging and food!

Q: How old do I have to be?

A: Typically, we accept volunteers beginning at age 17 however mature 16 year olds with volunteer experience are welcome to apply. We have staff in all decades up to their 60s who come to camp.

Q: How much free time will I have? Can I check some emails daily?

A: Depending on your position you will have a 2 or more free hours during the day. We realize you might be taking time off from work so we are flexible if you need to get on your laptop for a couple hours each day to get some business done. We have good wi-fi at camp and there are some great little cafes in town about 10 minutes away if you’d rather get off campus to get a little work done. However, just know that at camp our cell reception isn’t the best.

Q: If I am a counselor will I be expected to buy my campers some treats?

A: We provide the counselors of each cabin some money (usually about $30) so they can go into town prior to camp to purchase snacks or decorations for their dorm. If there is something your cabin really needs, the office can usually get it for you.

Q: Will I have to walk a far distance in the dark at night if I have to make a middle-of-the-night potty stop?

A: Several of the female staff cabins have bathrooms right inside. For the men, they will need to walk to a bathhouse or… we are in the middle of the woods.

Q: Do you have cabins where husbands and wives can bunk together?

A: We have four cabins that house 4 people in bunks. Depending on how many staff we have it is possible that we can give a couple one of those cabins.

Q: I like things a bit more comfortable. Is there a nice hotel nearby I can sleep in at night and come volunteer for the day?

A: Absolutely! We are 10-15 minutes from some very comfortable lodging in Townsend, TN. It is a very popular tourist destination for its nature and beauty.