Here is some information to help you to complete your plans. Higher Ground camp is held at Black Mountain West Campus (former Swannanoa 4H Camp).

The address is:
170 Woodland Drive, Swannanoa NC

Drop Off & Pick Up Dates & Times

Camper Drop-Off  ——  Sunday, July 12, 2020 —–  5-8pm  PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY

Camper Pick-Up ——  Friday, July 17, 2020 —–  9:30-10:30am




PACKING LIST and Other Reminders

(please label everything in case it gets lost which happens a LOT)


__ 3 camp T-shirts will be provided and will be worn at all camp activities (including the dance). They are washed halfway through the week.
__ If you wear a tshirt/tank top under your camp shirt, the camp shirt will not get as sweaty
__ Please bring pillow, sheets and blanket for a twin bed. Sleeping bags are acceptable.
__ Towels (don’t forget towels for the pool activities as well)
__ Two pairs of walking shoes in case one gets wet. Thong-type sandals ARE NOT ALLOWED as the trails can be very uneven and every year campers sprain their ankle from wearing them. 90% of our injuries in years past have been due to campers not wearing proper footwear. Shoes will get worn and dirty!
__ Flip flops (or croc type shoes) are fine for the taking showers.
__ Water shoes
__ Bring instrument if you would like to perform in the variety show. Bring your background music if you are planning on singing.
__ Jeans or pants for night-time activities, including the dance (no dresses or skirts for dance since it will be casual)
__ Enough shorts, underwear and socks for the week
__ A small day pack to carry their items (not required but suggested)
__ Sweatshirt to wear at night for outdoor activities (it can be cool in the evening)
__ Girls should bring a tank-top they can wear under a camp t-shirt when we are doing events where shirts will get wet.
__ Bathing suit(s) that are suitable for active water activities like white water rafting.
__ Laundry bag for dirty clothes. Don’t put in (non-clear) trash bag as it might be mistaken for trash.
__ Zinc oxide cream (Desitin or A&D ointment) to help with chafing. If your son/daughter has a known problem with this, compression shorts help as an undergarment to prevent the legs from rubbing against each other.
__ If you pack any snacks please NOTHING WITH PEANUTS. NO ENERGY DRINKS.
__ Camera (put your name on it) – you may NOT use a cell phone as your camera as no cell phones are allowed in the dorms
__ Bible (put your name in it)
__ Toiletries such as toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, etc.
__ Any medications you are currently taking (will be dispensed by the camp nurse). Please make sure it is CLEARLY MARKED as to when the medicine is to be taken, how much is the dosage, etc. If it is a prescription the camper’s name must be on the label. It will need to be checked in upon arrival so keep in a separate bag.
__ Flashlight
__ Rain coat or poncho
__ Water bottle
__ Sunscreen and bug/tick spray
  • Please leave all video games, radios and MP3 players at home (or send back with your parents when they drop you off).
  • No bare midriff shirts/low-cut pants or short shorts– we don’t want to see your stomach, underwear or butt! Also, LONG SHORTS required for some of the zip-lining activities
  • Cell phones will be checked in with the office if brought to camp (most cell phones do not get reception at camp).
  • No cell phones will be allowed to be used as a camera except on the last day of camp when phones are returned
  • Guns, knives, weapons, matches, lighters, drugs or tobacco products (including vapes) are not allowed on camp.