Here are some possible ways you can raise some funds – either individually or with a group of kids who want to go to camp.


* Put out a change jar at church with a label stating what it is for

* Have a car wash after church

* Have a bake sale after church or in connection with a potluck or church

* Have a cookie dough sale (freezes great)

* Organize a raffle and ask merchants for donations

* Have a garage sale (lots of work but big bucks)

* “Hire a Teen” auction (church members bid in an auction for
having a teen work for them for 4-8 hours on a weekend)

* Wrap presents at the mall for donations (works best around big holidays)

* Sell boxes of fruit

* Search the Internet for 100s more ideas and products you could sell

Lots more great ideas at
(be sure to check out the pizza coupon fundraiser – it can make a LOT of
money very easily)


One of the easiest ways of raising funds for summer camp is by sending a letter to your relatives and friends of the family. Below is a sample letter. Of course you will want to personalize your letter and write it from your heart. Include a stamped return envelope.


Dear _______,

I have the opportunity to go to a really great summer camp this year in the mountains. I would really like to go. It has a lagoon with canoes, 9 Square, a high-ropes course, and gaga-ball. There are other things like soccer, a dance, fellowship time and many more activities that I would really like to try out.

But what is really important is that every day we have chapel services where we learn more about God and the counselors help us to study the bible and improve our prayer life. When I went to camp last year I came away closer to God than I have ever been before. I know that camp makes me a better person. I also made really great friends there that I would love to see again.

If you want to read more about the Higher Ground Summer Camp that I want to go to, you can look at the website at

The tuition is only $395 for the week. That is about $65 for each day. If you could sponsor me for a day of camp or even a half a day I would be so happy. I’ve included a return envelope if you want to use it. You can make checks out to HIGHER GROUND or to me.

Thanks for always being there for me.


Your Name